Where an adult is responsible for paying the costs of their care or treatment (either in full or part), the registered manager must provide a statement to them, or to a person acting on their behalf:

  • specifying the terms and conditions in relation to the services to be provided to the adult, including as the amount and method of payment of fees; and
  • including, where applicable, the form of contract for the provision of services by the servicer.

The statement must be in writing and, as far as reasonably practicable, provided before commencement of the services.

The service must give people information about the terms and conditions of their care, treatment or support, including the expected costs and the requirement to pay for their care, treatment and support. This applies to people who pay the provider in full or in part.

The service must notify people of any changes to their terms and conditions, including increases in fees and give them sufficient time to consider whether they wish to continue with the service.

People must be told how the different methods by which they can make payments.

People should be given reasonable notice of when payments are due, so they have the opportunity to arrange payment without incurring penalties or late payment fees.

The serice must make sure that it gives a copy of any contract detailing the service to be provided, to the person using the service and / or the person lawfully acting on their behalf.

People must be given a written copy of the terms and conditions that they must agree to before their care, treatment or support begins.

Providers must give people a written estimate of the costs of the care, treatment or support if a fixed price cannot be given. This should include details of any likely additional costs.