On-Call Rota

1. Introduction

The Designated Responsible Person (DRP) is the member of staff who is responsible for the running of the allocated shift.

They are responsible for ensuring the shift operates in accordance with all the service’s policies, procedures and guidelines, relevant legislation and regulations and in accordance with person centred planning. The DRP should have knowledge of information required for inspections by the Care Quality Commission and where to access all required information.

The DRP should be nominated when the rota is drawn up, so they know in advance that they are leading the shift. There may be times, however, when due to staff absence for example, that they are only notified they are to be DRP when they arrive at work.

The DRP should be the most senior member of staff on duty, be over 21 years of age, should have successfully completed a probationary period and be a permanent member of staff

2. Roles and Responsibilities

The DRP will:

  • lead the shift, including overseeing staff and service user activities, day services, appointments, financial checks and medication administration as appropriate;
  • ensure a shift plan is in place, is followed and that allocated tasks are completed by staff on the shift;
  • ensure staff have the required knowledge and training to competently undertake the tasks allocated to them;
  • ensure the following shift has adequate staff cover;
  • hold keys for medication, cash and records as needed;
  • ensure that medication is administered as prescribed.
  • ensure that adequate staffing levels are maintained;
  • be the designated fire officer, for service premises, for the duration of the shift;
  • for service premises, ensure fire doors are not wedged open or restricted and report any faulty equipment immediately;
  • ensure the service evacuation procedures are adhered to in the event of a fire and report any fire safety issues;
  • brief their line manager of any issues  which have occurred in the manager’s absence;
  • ensure required standard checks are completed and recorded, with any issues arising communicated to the relevant person;
  • begin each shift with a handover between DRPs. This may include, where relevant, all monies counted together with the outgoing DRP and noted as correct in the petty cash book, with both signing;
  • ensure the shift plan and all other documentation is completed and signed as appropriate;
  • give a detailed handover to oncoming staff.

Should the DRP need to leave the premises or be otherwise uncontactable for a period of time, they should pass the responsibility of DRP to another member of staff deemed competent and noted on the shift plan.

The DRP is responsible for ensuring that relevant managers are contacted in the event of any accidents / incidents which need to be reported, and ensuring that all relevant documentation is made in relation to such incidents (see On-Call Rota and Notification of Significant Events).